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El Monte Pylon Signs

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Businesses require visibility in order to stay relevant and thrive, which is why it is ideal to invest in business signs that can help you make a great impression on your target market. If you have space, pylon signs can give your business the visibility it needs to catch people’s attention, even from a significant distance.

custom tenant pylon sign

Superior Signs and Graphics is an El Monte, CA sign company specializing in creating custom pylon signs for any client who needs one. We understand how important it is for a brand to stay visible, ensuring that each sign we make helps clients achieve their business goals.

For our pylon signs, we guarantee that they won’t just be considered landmarks but also key areas where people can learn about your offerings, enticing them to check them out.

We are also a full-service sign company that can handle every aspect of the sign project. This ensures that your signs will be made as you envisioned them and work as you intended them to be.

Call Superior Signs and Graphics at (626) 263-6133 for your Free Consultation with an El Monte Pylon Sign expert!

Illuminated Sign Boxes

pylon illuminated sign boxes

Superior Signs and Graphics knows how important it is for businesses to stay visible to the public in order to keep on growing. To help businesses with this effort, our pylon signs can be customized to have illuminated sign boxes so people can see the sign 24/7.

We can tailor the signs to match your ideal shape and size, as well as change the sign faces depending on your requirements.

We can also add additional lighting for your sign boxes in order for them to stand out at night. We can use LED lighting that mimics neon lights. Our team can sit down with you to find out what image you want your signs to be and make them possible.

Affordable Tenant Signs

custom tenant sign

For those on a budget but require a large pylon sign for their business, we can make affordable tenant signs.

These tenant signs will display the names of the businesses currently in your facility, which are visible during the day. We can make these signs framed with a customized steel frame or have changing faces mounted into multiple poles.

We can make them in full color and show your brand’s themes easily. Once we install your tenant signs, we guarantee people will slowly think of it as an important landmark in the area.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

custom pylon sign

If you have custom El Monte pylon signs erected, they must be able to withstand the elements and stay securely in place.

For our pylon signs, we make sure that your pylon signs are made with only the best materials that can withstand the elements and not fade through time. From aluminum to polycarbonate, we have a lot of options for you to choose from to achieve your ideal pylon sign.

We can also make water-resistant digital pylon signs, which you can update easily and not have to worry about it having problems during rain or snow.

Full-Service Sign Company

Outdoor Tenant Pylon Sign

Superior Signs and Graphics has been the trusted partner of many businesses and companies across El Monte for their sign needs since we started in the industry. Thanks to our experience with various clients, we know everything there is to know about designing and manufacturing the perfect sign regardless of what type is requested and what industry the client belongs to. Our experience will also help us make your signs efficiently and make sure they are within your budget.

Aside from our experience, Superior Signs and Graphics is a proud full-service sign company. We have a great team of artists, engineers, sign installers, and repairmen ready to assist in every step of the sign-making process. We can also help you apply for the necessary permits needed to get your signs erected if needed.

Free Pylon Sign Consultation

El Monte Pylon Signs Axe signs logo black 300x149Whether you are going to use your El Monte pylon signs to serve as a directional or multi-purpose sign, Superior Signs and Graphics can deliver the right signs for you. Let our team know your specifications and budget, and we’ll design and manufacture the sign perfectly.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in making us your sign partner because we will be with you in every step to make your vision a reality.

Call Superior Signs and Graphics at (626) 263-6133 for your Free Consultation with an El Monte Pylon Sign expert!